Cardiology is a branch of internal medicine which focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system.  Our cardiologists are specialized in the prevention and treatment of patients with risk factors for developing cardiovascular diseases, which are one of the primary causes of death and disability in the western world.

Related specialties:

  • Cardiac Interventionism
  • Nuclear Cardiology
  • Postoperative Care
  • Cardiovascular pharmacology
  • Echocardiography
  • Cardiac electrophysiology and pacemakers
  • Cardiovascular Physiology and Anatomy
  • Cardiovascular Pathology



Non-invasive Cardiology: Conventional electrocardiogram, Holter test (24 hour monitoring), Cardiac Stress Test, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM), Echocardiogram, Tilt test.


Invasive Cardiology: Cardiac angioplasty, percutaneous transluminal angioplasty, cardiac electrophysiology, pacemaker placement, transcatheter ablation for arrhythmias, and more.



  • Dr. Moreno Buenrostro Javier
  • Dr. Venta Sobrero Ismael
  • Dr. Perez Alva Juan Carlos


Translated by: Dr. Betsy Cervantes Coronado