Blood Bank


This is the establishment authorized to obtain, collect, analyze, fraction, conserve, apply and provide human blood and its components. In addition, it is responsible for selecting healthy volunteers to donate blood and/or blood components and the adequate storage of said blood products, to ensure these are available for patients whom require transfusions due to medical conditions or procedures.

Our job is to guarantee your loved one will receive safe blood, free of infectious diseases.

Safe Blood Donation

With your participation we can treat your loved one with the best quality of care, by assuring safe blood transfusions and supplying the quantity of blood necessary for treatment.  In order to achieve this, we ask volunteers to donate blood. This is another way to support and care for loved ones during their medical ailments. Volunteers can also help other people during a time of need, giving a little part of themselves by donating blood.

“We want to be sure that donors are healthy and can donate blood without contraindications” and in order to assure this we must:

  • Perform a thorough medical history, including a physical exam.
  • A blood sample will be taken to insure the donor does not suffer from anemia or an infectious disease.
  • We ask donors to make any medical condition they consider important known to our blood bank staff.

You may donate if:

  • You are fasting
  • Older than 18 years of age and younger than 65.
  • Weigh more than 55 kg (120 lbs).
  • Taller than 1.5m (5 ft)
  •  Are not pregnant, menstruating or breastfeeding.
  •  You have not taken any medication or alcohol in the last 48 hours
  •  You do not have an infectious disease, chronic disease or cancer.

Don’t put anyone at risk

If for any reason, you have recently (less than 6 months) been exposed or think you may have a high risk of exposure to Hepatitis, HIV or AIDS, these may not show up on the screening tests. But they could be transmitted to the person who receives your blood.

It is best to be honest and consider these questions:

  •  Have you been involved in high risk sexual relations such as homosexual relations, prostitution or had sexual contact with a prostitute, sexual contact without the use of a condom with an unknown partner, multiple sexual partners, etc.?
  •  Are you an intravenous drug user?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to anyone of these questions, please inform our blood bank experts to determine the risks of donating.

All of these requirements are exclusively to protect your health as a donor and the health of the patient whom may receive your blood.


Dr. Camacho Galindo Jose Maria

Translated by: Dr. Betsy Cervantes Coronado